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10 Most Popular Gossip Topics of Men & Women

gossipThe latest research refutes the widespread belief that women such a to . It turns out that men spend much more time creating this.

Men Gossip More Than Women

An on-line study associated with 5,000 people showed that men gossiped 76 minutes a day, and women wasted merely FIVE2 minutes on rumors.

One third of men love to gossip with their colleagues. And FIVE8% from the representatives on the stronger sex declared that gossip built them think a part of society.
What Are Men Gossiping about?

The experts furthermore found the main themes of male gossip:

  1.     Drinking friends
  2.     News
  3.     Old school friends
  4.     Female colleagues
  5.     The sexiest woman in a working environment
  6.     Recent rumors
  7.     Promotion
  8.     Sex
  9.     Wages
  10.     Their boss

What Are Women Gossiping abaway?

The subjects of female gossips are highly various from those of men:

  1.     Other women
  2.     News
  3.     Relationship problems
  4.     The relationship of other couples
  5.     Sex
  6.     Their friends’ figures
  7.     Series
  8.     Boyfriends / husbands of their friends
  9.     Mother-in-law
  10.     Celebrities


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